How can I get a mortgage?

If Mr. Wang has a steady job and income and has a good personal credit record, he can apply for unsecured loans. According to the multi understand, 10 times the amount of mortgage loans in general monthly income, if Mr. Tao want to loan 200 thousand, it must provide the real estate property card, driving license and other proof of effective resources as auxiliary materials and prove your personal economic situation is good, the loan can be 200 thousand, if there is no such auxiliary material, unsecured loans the 200 thousand is almost impossible.
Personal loans in general have the following three ways:
Just, the borrower successfully after the loan, must remember to pay on time and in full repayment, do not appear overdue, otherwise, affect the personal credit record, and then apply for other loans are also difficult to obtain loans. The above is for personal loans to Mr. Tao’s answer to the question, because Mr. Tao is the first loan, for many processes and data may also is not very understanding, in this kind of advice Mr. Tao can go to the bank or the loan company to see, know, go to the loan, will save a lot of unnecessary trouble!
If Mr. Tao’s name is a full car, and the assessment value is about 250 thousand, you can apply for a car mortgage, because the maximum amount of the loan can reach 80% of the vehicle evaluation value. However, the car mortgage can only find loans for the company, the bank does not accept the business.
Option 1: Unsecured Loans
Scenario three: real estate mortgage
Option two: car mortgage
Mr. Tao can find a regular Guarantee Corporation will be underwritten mortgage paid off, to lift the house mortgage registration, then the real estate as collateral for loans, the loan will be repaid after Guarantee Corporation loaning money, and pay a guarantee fee.
Recently, Mr. Tao need to apply for a personal loan, but Mr. Tao before this no personal loan experience, do not know how to personal loans, this time he was anxious, we first come to talk about the personal loan to Mr. Tao, there are many ways of personal loans, for example, the most common, there is a bank loan now very popular online personal small loans, there is a street often see a loan company loan etc..

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