How do I apply for a car loan?

2, sign the contract. After the bank has submitted the application data investigation and approval to the borrower, the two parties signed the loan contract and guarantee contract, and handled the relevant notarization and mortgage registration procedures as the case may be;
7, in order to guarantee the purchase of vehicles other than collateral, the need to provide collateral related materials;
Loan flow:
To settle the loan, the borrower should I hold the legal certificate issued by the valid identity certificate and bank loan settlement vouchers back by the bank and the custody of the relevant documents, and to settle the loan certificate to handle the registration and cancellation of the original mortgage mortgage registration department.
5, loan settlement. Loan settlement, including the normal settlement and early settlement of two. (1) normal settlement: in the loan maturity (one-time debt class) or loan last period (amortization class) loan settlement; (2) ahead of the settlement: in the loan maturity date, the borrower as early as all or part of the settlement of the loan, according to the loan contract agreed in advance to apply to the bank by the bank. After the examination and approval to the designated accounting counter repayment.
First, the loan to buy a car with a bank loan to buy a car, buy a car loans and credit card installment car etc., and all the lending agency requirements are not the same, here, gold investment loans small to Construction Bank personal car loans to introduce an example for everyone.
5, car dealers issued by the intention to prove the car;
4, repayment on schedule. The borrower shall repay the principal and interest of the loan according to the repayment plan and repayment method stipulated in the loan contract;
A natural person who has a full capacity for civil conduct at the age of eighteen to sixty years of age.
3, grant loans. After approval by the bank for approval of the loan, after the completion of all procedures, the bank agreed in accordance with the contract by way of transfer directly into the car dealer’s account;
3, residence certificate or long-term residence certificate;
Loan information:
1, customer application. The client applies to the bank, writes the application form in writing, and submits the relevant information at the same time;
1, “personal loan application.”;
A car loan is a loan issued by a lender to a borrower who applies for the purchase of a car, also known as a car mortgage. The borrower must be the permanent resident of the bank where the bank is located and has full civil capacity. According to gold investment loans Xiaobian understand, in the Internet financial boom of the moment, no home, apply for auto loans, is no longer a new thing. Then, how can I apply for a car loan?
Loan terms:
2. Personal identification papers. Including resident identity cards, residence booklet, officer’s certificate, passport, Hong Kong and Macao, Taiwan compatriots pass, etc.. The borrower must provide a spouse’s identity certificate when he is married;
6, car purchase down payment certificate;
How do I apply for a car loan?
4, personal income proof, if necessary, to provide family income or property certificate;
8, if the loan for the purchase of vehicles for commercial vehicles, but also need to provide the purchase of vehicles can be legally used for the operation of the evidence, such as vehicles attached to the transport team of the attachment agreement, lease agreement.

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