Bank personal mortgage knowledge, do you make it?

2. is there an early repayment period? If yes, tied for several years. Most of the loan contracts will indicate that the loan, if the repayment in advance, there will be a punitive interest, tied for 1-3 years. Borrowers need to pay attention to, as far as possible to avoid early repayment in the binding period.
Bank personal mortgage refers to the borrower or third property as collateral and loans, collateral must be land, commercial housing and other effective assets. Generally speaking, when the loan has been successfully passed, it will be arranged within a few days. Loan contract is specific, each bank’s terms are different, most of them are standard terms, and many are for the protection of the bank’s own interests. Therefore, the contract is best read carefully once the contents, in order to clear the rights and responsibilities of both sides, to avoid unnecessary disputes in the future.
4. overdue repayment penalty. Generally speaking, banks will have a repayment grace period of about one week. If there is a special situation, not in time for repayment of the repayment date, as long as the grace period repayment in time, there will be no extra penalty or fees. But whether there is a grace period, or need to confirm with the bank staff at the time of signing. In addition, you need to be aware of the penalties that will arise if overdue repayments are made. Many borrowers in the signing of the contract failed to understand clearly, until which naive overdue, the bank was charged a punitive interest, and then go to the bank staff theory, is entirely useless, written in the contract clearly.
1. borrowers, the amount of loans, loan age, loan interest rates, fees. These five are the most critical, please be sure to be careful to confirm.
5. monthly payments and contributions. Clear that you are choosing what kind of contribution, matching principal and interest, first interest, repayment, etc., and then the amount of specific monthly payments, to ensure that future repayment methods are in line with their own conditions.
3. early repayment procedures: after the tie period, if you want to advance repayment, but also to clear the procedures, such as at least one month in advance written applications, or temporary request for early repayment, there will be a punitive interest.
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