Platform to get together car loan business model needs to be innovative

According to net loan home statistics, in April 2017, the country’s normal operation of the net loan platform has 2214, of which 590 (only statistics released the month of car loan target P2P net loan platform number) involving car loan business, accounting for 26.65%. Due to the characteristics of small scattered, in line with regulatory requirements, car loan business is increasingly favored by the network lending platform.
Platform to get together into the automotive financial market because of low permeability, growth in space, as well as the realization of the car as collateral, small risk, small asset size, mature model and so on. But the car loan industry line mode under heavy wind control requirements, two against cheat car Piandai, capital costs and other problems of each automobile financial platform must face the problem.
“Auto market from the purchase of new cars to insurance, and then to maintenance, auto repair, and then to second-hand car trading, there is a long industry chain.”.” Rong Jin President Huang Delin believes that in the face of a huge market, car loan platform by starting from the second-hand car mortgage, accumulated in the automobile industry chain resources and experience, and ultimately in the industrial chain link will cut the other is an inevitable result.
But on the current situation, Xu Jianwen believes that the car loan to go deep into the automotive industry chain, its customer base is different, user mentality is different, different scenarios. Accordingly, the core competencies required by the platform are not the same, and the development of automobile finance and automobile service industry is relatively difficult, and there is a higher risk of blindly opening new business.
Entered in May, from the “network lending intermediary business activities management Interim Measures” provisions of the rectification period only 3 months. P2P network lending platforms have moved to small scattered car loan business, in order to survive, the platform actively adjust business types, optimize product design. In 2020, is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan scale auto consumption, financial markets, various players competing approach, net loan platform naturally unwilling to lag behind. Expert analysis, as China’s car market into the stock period, automobile finance as an important part of the car market, the upper and lower reaches of its industrial chain quite room for development.
After several years of development, the car loan industry has shown the characteristics of the Red Sea, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce.” Everyone enrichment CEO Xu Jianwen said, from the car to the relationship between loan and auto finance, auto service industry, the ecological chain of automobile financial development based on the car loan may be more derivative products, there are some imagination.
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