Can I get a loan for a mortgage car?

Two mortgage bank in the process of repayment is particularly hard, in the process of repayment, once the repayment can not repayment, banks or small loan companies will immediately be two times of mortgage auction, but not to mortgage consulting opportunities. Therefore, applicants must pay attention to the repayment time.
Although the two mortgage procedures simple, but can apply for the amount is not high. According to the provisions of the two mortgage loans shall not exceed the amount of collateral value minus the original loan amount, in general, can apply to loans in the loan amount minus the original situation will greatly discount.
But there is one way to get a mortgage on the basis of multiple understanding, that is, the two mortgage. The so-called “two mortgage” is the use of paid installments for collateral. We know that when the loan to buy a car, the first payment is relatively large, the loan ratio is small, but also in the repayment period of time, but also more than the amount of the loan, so that in some of the loan company for two car mortgage.
It is understood that the two mortgage loans because banks or small loan institutions bear the pressure, so in time for the two mortgage loans, loan interest rates are very high, and the loan interest rate is measured each month, under normal circumstances, two mortgage loans monthly payment of the loan interest rate is the amount of the loan about 5%.
1, do two mortgage car, there is room for re lending.
The risks involved in the two mortgage include:
2, for the car two mortgage procedures should be complete.
3, borrow money to have legitimate and stable source of income, repayment ability.
Auto mortgage refers to the use of a car by a borrower or third person as a collateral to apply for a loan from a loan institution. Then, can the mortgage car loan? How can I do that?
Conditions to be satisfied include:
4, additional conditions required by the lending institution.
2, the repayment process without consultation process
According to Xiaobian understand that the mortgage can not mortgage the car. Individuals need to use the car for car mortgage loans, requiring the mortgage car is a full car, in order to apply for loans. And if the individual car is still in the mortgage, the car loan has not paid off, the car can not apply for mortgage loans. Therefore, the mortgage in the car can not mortgage loans. In fact, the car is still in the mortgage, if personal car mortgage loans repaid in advance, for the lifting of the car mortgage formalities, when the car is completely Car Buying belongs to the people, will be able to apply for mortgage loans for auto car.
1, high lending rates
3, the application amount is not high

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