Property market regulation to avoid mortgage interest rates “drug resistance.””

We should see, by raising mortgage rates to control the property market, who is the biggest hurt? The answer is self-evident. It must be the middle-aged and low-income people in the cities and the young people pouring into the city. Because they just need to buy housing, mortgage interest rates will obviously increase their cost of living and life pressure.
This message can be understood as the bank to implement the inevitable reaction of macro-control policies, this is not wrong, perhaps some people on the bank with high praise, that increase in mortgage interest rates to boycott the overheated property market will play an immediate effect; and the bank is repeatedly cool, bored.
But I believe that the property market regulation, the total use of bank loans, interest rates, this medicine is wrong, and used much, long time, the property market will be resistant. Therefore, neither mortgage interest rates as the property market regulation “panacea”, but not to control the property market, take the mortgage interest rates “vent””.
So, who is the biggest beneficiary of raising mortgage rates? The answer is, of course, the best, but banks should raise the biggest interest group in mortgage rates. They can take the opportunity to raise the interest rate floor price, earn pours. The loan became the “emperor daughter mentality, buyers that you love to do, you don’t have to loan is the loan, in the background of social capital shortage and overall social inequality, low-income persons accounted for a considerable proportion of bank loans, are” xiangbobo “, never worry about the loan go out.
This year, along with the tightening of real estate regulation and financial supervision, the cost of housing loans rose. Beijing individual banks first set of housing mortgage lending rates for the lowest benchmark interest rate of 1.1 times, of which “fill mortgage” and “relay loan” minimum interest rate is 1.15 times the benchmark interest rate. Two sets of mortgage lending rates at the lowest rate of 1.2 times the benchmark interest rate. Guangzhou bank mortgage rates also rise again, some city commercial banks in the level of the benchmark interest rate by 5%~20% before loan. And the banks have said that the current amount is relatively tight, lending time may also be extended, willing to accept the loan interest rate floating first loan, unwilling to accept the loan interest rate floating, need to wait in line.

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