The campus campus should harm loan barbaric growth blocking loopholes open Front Gate

Recently, China CBRC issued the “guidance” on banking risk prevention and control work, the network lending platform clear four “red line”, will not do not have the repayment ability of borrowers into the scope of marketing, prohibit the provision of net loan to college students under the age of 18 years of service, shall not make false propaganda and sales fraud not all the way through, disguised usury. Governance “campus loan” to adhere to the bottom line of thinking, for the network lending platform, touch the red line over the bottom line, to take decisive, stop and transfer and other measures, will resolutely clean out an evil member of the herd. Financial supervision departments should also strengthen cooperation with the public security, courts and other units, and play the “combination of governance””. To lure fraud, illegal lending, illegal debt raising, the judiciary should intervene in time, be held responsible for the formation of illegal “campus loans” high pressure situation, to prevent resurgence. Of course, this is not a complete denial of the Internet lending platform into the University campus. The Internet risk governance, it is the opportunity to network lending platform transformation. The “campus loan” as the main business of the platform, should as soon as possible transition network lending platform for integration, in the premise of compliance management, service will be extended to the working-class or other stable source of income of consumers, as soon as possible to optimize the business structure, which is also conducive to the spread of risk platform. Secondly, we should relax the policy restrictions and let the formal financial institutions enter the field of College Students’ credit, so that the main entrance will be opened and opened. Credit cards, student loans, consumer loans, etc., are commercial banks for college students in this customer group has launched financial services. But in recent years, by policyConsumption habits, accumulation of more credit, and promote the healthy growth of College students.
In July 2013, the domestic first for the campus network lending platform, then many Internet platforms have to focus on the campus, “campus loan” which opened the barbaric growth path, and evolved into a “campus injury”. Recently, the financial supervision departments have introduced measures to increase the “campus loan” governance. The necessity and urgency of the management work is very strong, should adhere to both hands, one hand to block the loopholes, on the one hand, let go of the “Front Gate” as soon as possible to achieve tangible results. First of all, to take a variety of measures to increase the rectification efforts to curb the campus net loan platform will be “loopholes” sprawl, plugging, plugging yan. Illegal “campus loans” harm to all, the loan sharks, “naked strip”, “violence collection” and other phenomena repeated, and a series of vicious cases.

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