Campus loans should be completely blocked

Hangzhou City Economic Development Zone, the people’s Procuratorate recently with the local authorities to combat illegal school loans, as of now, the local campus to 55 suspected illegal lending to the student loan in the name of the suspect has been arrested with the approval hospital. Speaking of campus loan, recently heard in some college students to loan companies unable to repay borrowing later because of violence bizhai news. Surging news reports in Hangzhou opened by the District Prosecutors arrest the suspect campus news involving loan, a pseudonym for Xiaoqian female college students as an example, the student 20 thousand yuan to borrow usury company, after 3 months into arrears 250 thousand yuan, due to the return, she has encountered all kinds of threats, usury company threatened, even in the dark room to be tortured mentally and physically exhausted, only to take a long vacation from home. In fact, like Xiaoqian such encounters are not the worst, after some students borrow usury was forced to drop out, some were forced to sell hue, and even some in cornered under committed suicide, has become a serious impact of higher school teaching order and serious problem. The loan is a new thing in recent years, with the development of financial market and the main mode of it is to provide consumer installment loans or petty cash loans to students, lenders will charge installment fees or interest earnings. Compared with the other on campus outside of commercial loans, the loan is not what the campus technology innovation content, but the emergence of various high-tech products in modern society in recent years, it can also play a role to meet the consumption demand of College students. However, the group of students has not yet participated. Some banks require students to borrow loans must be approved by the school campus, compared with the previous school campus for loan indifferent, which of course is a kind of progress, but the school with what kind of standards for approval, it is a difficult thing. And so, might as well be wiped out, the loan from campus in the university campus outside. In recent years, in the face of the difficult economic recovery, the government has high expectations for the people’s entrepreneurship and the revitalization of consumption, and the regulation of the financial market has been greatly liberalized. However, no matter what kind of economic management requirements, should not put ideas into college students. Keep the campus quiet, so that their students sit attentively at the desk, study, knowledge, is the University’s responsibility, but also the government should keep the bottom line.

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