Apply for consumer loans how to add points?

How are you going to apply for a consumer loan?
The bank flow of consumer loan applicants is also an important factor for banks and other financial institutions to assess borrowers. When we apply for a loan, the bank or other financial institution will require us to provide an official income certificate, and at least 2 times more than the monthly repayment. Bank flow, mainly refers to our own income flowing water, generally wage income sheet. Banks usually want to see stable and reasonable banking flows, both consistent and consistent with income certificates.
Consumer loan applicants assets proved to be a plus bank audit, even if the borrower’s general conditions, only work in the private sector, but if the borrower has multiple sets of real estate or the car, the bank will take the borrower to determine quality customers, the loan amount will have a certain amount of promotion. In some banks, if the borrower in the loan application can provide stocks, funds, bonds and other investment certificates or certificates of deposit and other assets to prove the case, the bank will give some policy to take care of the approved loan review, loan interest rates will be decreased appropriately.
Four, consumer loan applicants work and qualifications
In the examination of bank lending, the working units and qualifications of the consumer loan applicants are the primary factor. Banks are more favored institutions staff, the world’s top 500 staff, listed companies, large state-owned enterprises staff. Take consumer loans, for example, general conditions, unsecured loan amount is about 5 to 10 times the salary, but if borrowers are favored in the list of bank staff, the borrower the amount will be increased to 15 times, even 30 times. Education, the general higher education will have higher income, the bank will feel the borrower’s ability to repay the more powerful, lend money to the borrower naturally more.
Now, consumer credit applicants have become an indispensable auditing standard for banks and other lending institutions. If the borrower’s credit record appears many times overdue, the bank will feel that the individual repayment ability problems, and then not necessarily on time repayment, so it will not lend to borrowers. However, if the borrower’s credit record is good, never overdue, the monthly credit card on time, the bank will feel the money lent to this person insurance, the bank will put more money to the borrower.
How are you going to apply for a consumer loan? In today’s society, it is nothing new for people to apply for consumer loans. Buy a car, buy a house, travel abroad, education, advanced studies, and so on, we are all using loans to solve. But there is a problem, that is when we go to apply for consumer loans approval results found that everyone is not the same, some successful, some did not pass the audit; the approved amount is not the same, some high, some low. If you want to succeed and pass the audit and the amount is as high as possible, what will the conditions give the borrower a bonus?
Two, bank loans for consumer loans
Three, the consumer loan applicant’s large asset certificate
I. personal credit reporting of consumer loan applicants

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