2017 Beijing loans to buy conditions, you know?

(5) mapping fee: 1.36 yuan / square meter =1.36 yuan / square meters, the total * actual mapping area; generally speaking, housing reform are needed and, if there is no commercial housing Housing Authority on the origin of Surveying and Mapping Surveying and mapping of the chapter is needed.
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2: Beijing has a valid residence permit; three: people did not buy houses in Beijing, if you are already married, the couple had no houses in Beijing; Hong Kong and Taiwan and foreign nationals: resided for one year and the purchase of 1 sets; Beijing housing qualifications: at least 1 years time.
(3) stamp duty: the tax rate is 1%, the seller and the buyer are half and half, but so far the state temporarily exempts the collection.
1: to live in mainland China for one year;
(1): the business tax rate of 5.55%, paid by the seller, at the same time: if the lack of transfer of the sale to buy time 2 years of non ordinary residential, according to the full collection of business tax; if the sale to buy time for more than 2 years of non ordinary residential sale or purchase time less than 2 years of ordinary residential, with two post transaction levy business tax; if the sale to buy time for more than 2 years of ordinary residential, is exempted from business tax; if the sale of real estate is a non residential category such as shops, office or workshop, do not demonstrate whether 2 years requires a full amount of business tax;
2: in addition to the purchase of housing, there are no second properties in mainland China
3: the purchase of property only for their own use.
First, Beijing loans to buy conditions:
Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreigners, if you want to buy a house in Beijing, at least meet 3 standards:
Two: second-hand housing if normal transfer, then in accordance with the relevant regulations, you need to pay the following fees:
(4) taxes: the benchmark rate of 3%, the preferential tax rate of 1.5% and 1%, by the buyer to pay at the same time, if the buyer is the first purchase ordinary residential area less than 90 square to pay 1% of the total deal; if the buyer purchases for the first time area of more than 90 level (90 level) of the ordinary residential transactions to pay 1.5% of the total; if the purchase of real estate is non ordinary residential or non residential transactions to pay 3% of the total.
1: in Beijing for five consecutive years of tax proof (refers to personal income tax) or in Beijing for five years of social insurance certificate. Among them, the tax for 5 years, you can break the month can not be broken years, social security must be paid for 60 consecutive months;
(2) personal income tax: 1% of the total transaction tax rate, or 20% of the two transactions, levied by the seller, levied on two conditions: the family’s only residential, and the purchase time of more than 5 years. If two conditions are met can be exempt from personal income tax; any one condition must pay personal income tax; if the sale of the property is non residential real estate is no matter what I have to pay personal income tax.
(6) the total second-hand housing transaction fees: residential 6 yuan / square meter * actual area mapping, non residential 10 yuan / square meter (7) registration fee: 80 yuan fee, a total of 20 yuan.

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