Lanzhou implementation of small and micro enterprises venture loans

“Opinions” requirements, further decentralization, the full implementation of the “five card one, according to a code registration system within the city, business registration and change of registration will be shortened to 5 working days, the name pre-approval is shortened to 3 working days. To promote cooperation between the government and social capital, support private capital to participate in urban gas supply, heating, public transport, sewage treatment and other municipal utilities and infrastructure investment.
2020, the city strive to build 200 incubator platform
Implementation of small and micro enterprises venture loans
“Opinions” proposed to guide non-public capital investment in strategic emerging industries. Since 2017, equity investment has been focused on supporting the development of strategic emerging industries and other enterprises. Strive to 2020, the strategic emerging industries to build the city’s non-public economy growth of new engines, strategic emerging industries added value of 50 billion yuan, accounting for 16% of the city’s GDP.
Build non-public economic innovation service platform. To perfect the evaluation system of science and technology projects, experts in Lanzhou city science and Technology Award; innovative talent project and other types of science and technology project organization technology for non-public enterprises to declare; guidance financing needs of enterprises to actively apply technology innovation fund, blue white test area of Lanzhou science and technology innovation of venture capital investment fund and the Lanzhou science and Technology Industrial Development Fund; strengthen the use of and protection of intellectual property rights. Establish and improve the city’s public service platform for intellectual property operations, promote intellectual property transactions, build scientific and technological innovation achievements, and transform new bridges.
In April 18th, a reporter from the Lanzhou City Committee was informed that the Lanzhou city recently issued the “opinions” adhere to the problem oriented implementation of policies and measures to further promote the development of non-public economic leap, according to “opinions”, “13th Five-Year” period, Lanzhou city will strive to achieve the non public economy at an annual rate of about 10 percentage points, and strive to the end of 2020 Lanzhou City, the non-public economy accounted for the proportion of GDP reached 60%.
In the city to implement entrepreneurship to promote employment “million enterprise plan”, to take the loan interest subsidies to support the way, according to the enterprise loan capital needs, so should do credit. Encourage and support institutions to non-public enterprises undergo entrepreneurship, accelerate the establishment of scientific research personnel two-way flow mechanism. The state-owned enterprises to promote diversified equity or equity socialization, focusing on the livelihood of the city public services, special features category and in the field of competition and competitiveness of the Lanzhou municipal state-owned enterprises, to support non-public enterprises to participate in the reorganization of state-owned enterprises, state-owned capital cross holdings, the collective capital and non-public capital of mutual integration, gradually to increase the investment of non-public economy in the reform of state-owned enterprises in the proportion of. Encourage non-public capital to participate in pension and medical services.
At the same time, to support the public record space development, the public record space, focus on the development of new business service platform, to meet the conditions of the founder of the public record space, giving space, operating costs, training costs, funding and other kinds of events show excellent reward subsidies, to 2020, and strive to build all kinds of business incubator 200, reached a total area of 2 million square up to 2 meters, tens of thousands of enterprises in incubation, 20 thousand of new business, promote employment 200 thousand.
Encourage non-public enterprises to participate in the restructuring and reorganization of state-owned enterprises
In solving the financing difficulties of non-public enterprises, the implementation of financial special funds of 50 million yuan, started the implementation of small and micro enterprises mutual loan work, the establishment of small and micro enterprises credit financing model. Play a leading role in Lanzhou industrial development investment fund, the implementation of Small and micro businesses million business loan work plan, provide every 200 thousand – 1 million yuan for Small and micro businesses, the loan interest rate does not exceed the benchmark interest rate 30% credit loans. The establishment of industrial investment funds, in early 2017 to set up and start the Lanzhou industrial development investment fund and other six industry funds to help enterprises solve financing problems, boost non-public economic development and industrial upgrading. Continue to promote SMEs in Lanzhou “new three board” listing financing, and enhance the ability of direct financing of the enterprise capital market, in 2017 to cultivate 10 small and medium enterprises in the “new three board” listing.

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