Loans to buy a house need to pay attention to what?

3. agrees to use the house as collateral;
About housing loan guarantor conditions
1, a comprehensive assessment of the existing economic strength of the family, in order to determine the purchase amount and proportion of down payment. Economic strength consists of two parts: deposits and realizable assets. The latter covers securities, existing housing replacement, and so on.
4., the purchase of housing property rights clear, issued by the Dalian municipal real estate management.
Loan targets and conditions
2. have good credit and have the ability to repay the loan principal and interest;
Home purchase loan process
2. Make reasonable expectations about your family’s future income and expenses. This includes expectations of income and expectations of future big spending. The factors that should be taken into consideration are age, specialty, educational background, the nature of work units, industry prospect, and macro development trend. Generally speaking, younger, highly educated, good professional prospects, good unit income is expected to be higher. Individual operators and smaller private owners should have full expectations of operating risks and prudently develop loan and repayment plans. The latter factors include marriage, childbirth, health, education, going abroad, and buying other large consumer goods.
A loan is a form of credit activity in which banks or other financial institutions lend money under certain interest rates and must be returned. Broad sense loan refers to loan, discount, overdraft and so on the general term of the loan funds. This article introduces you to the purchase loan process.
At least eighteen years of age, with the folk loan company valid identity certificate and bank loans are proof of legal residence, have a fixed residence or place of business; business license issued by the administrative department for Industry and Commerce and the relevant business license, engaged in legitimate production and fixed interest rate, have a stable income and repayment ability; as the age of the building and installment installment as the old general building and general new loans can be 5-30.
General bank secondary housing loan process
The term “borrower” as mentioned in this loan refers to a natural person having full civil capacity in China and has the following conditions:
Loans to buy a house is everyone or every family must face the matter, and will also involve repayment and interest, and so on some related matters, then the loan housing needs to pay attention to what?
1. have legal identification papers;

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