Choose your own way of buying a house

1, personal housing commercial loans:
2, housing provident fund loans:
What are the loan purchase options? We can know through the above content, commercial individual housing loans, housing provident fund loans and individual housing loan portfolio in several ways are possible, as for the law to choose specific and specific contents can refer to the basic knowledge.
Have participated in the housing provident fund residents, the purchase of loans, housing provident fund should be the first choice of low interest loans. Housing provident fund loan policy has the nature of subsidies, loan interest rates low, not only lower than the same period of the loan interest rate for commercial banks (only half of the commercial bank mortgage interest rates), and lower interest rates of commercial bank deposits over the same period, that is to say, there is a spread between the housing provident fund mortgage interest rates and bank deposit rates. At the same time, housing provident fund loans for mortgages and insurance and other related procedures, fees halved.  
3, personal housing portfolio loans:
These loans are limited to two paid housing provident fund units for employees to use, limited conditions, therefore, has not paid the housing accumulation fund Shen no, but can apply for individual housing secured loan of commercial bank, it is bank mortgage loans. As long as you for the purchase of housing for investment in the loan balance of bank deposit ratio of not less than 30%, as a house down payment, and a bank loan approved assets as collateral or pledge, units or individuals or have sufficient capacity to compensate for the repayment of loan principal and bear joint liability guarantee, so you can apply for bank mortgage loans.   
Housing provident fund management centres can be issued provident fund loans, the ceiling is generally 10-29 yuan, if the purchase exceeds this limit, the less part of the housing to the bank for commercial loans. The two loans are called portfolio loans. This business can be handled by a bank’s real estate credit department. Combination loan interest rate is moderate, the loan amount is bigger, therefore more is chosen by the lender.
Now the prices were prohibitively high, housing loans should be the preferred way most people buy, the different loan purchase determines the amount of interest and repayment mode, so it needs careful selection in the process of. What are the options for loans?
Which way is more suitable to all over the world.

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