Why is the more money, the more loans to buy a house?

Look at how the rich manage their finances. You should remember these eight truths
Some people think that financial management is a patent for the rich and high-income families. They need to have enough money before they are qualified to talk about investment and financial management. In fact, the key factor that affects the future wealth is the level of the return on investment and the length of time, rather than the amount of money. Charles Carlson, an American, wrote a book entitled “the eight truth of becoming a millionaire” after investigating the history of the 170 millionaires in the United states. The eight steps that Carlson sums up as millionaires are:
The Beijing mortgage further tightening of the signal has spread all over the country, I believe that with further penetration, housing prices soaring pressure of the city or will be affected.
4. inflation money is depreciating
The fourth step is to make money at a low risk. Millionaires don’t get rich by investing in risky stocks. Most of them invest only in the average blue chip stocks, but they make money slowly but at a low risk.
Four advantages, let you understand the benefits of loans to buy a house
There is no lack of such examples, colleagues Z buy a house before the weekend, eating and drinking, bubble nightclub, since buying a house, now seriously work hard, strive for progress, and strive for a raise, their own joy. Five years of work, the position also increased, hand made a small fortune, in the soaring prices of the money to buy a large-sized apartment for investment, joyfully to others recently said: “I want to go, if you can buy a 140 square house will be complete”.
The third step is to spend money on a stock or risk controlled real estate fund. Buying stocks can make you rich, buying government bonds can only save wealth.” The common experience of millionaires is: don’t trust the gold, rare collection, etc., and put your heart on the stock or risk controlled real estate fund, which is the beginning of building wealth.
The second step is to set goals. The goal is to prepare for children’s tuition, buy a new house, or retire comfortably before age 50. Whatever the goal, make a plan and work hard for it.
In the era of soaring prices and the devaluation of the renminbi, the money is becoming less valuable, that is to say, the house may become more and more expensive. Wait for money and then buy a house, you may save the speed far behind the pace of price increases, perhaps a lifetime is hard to live in his house, a family of our own, so the loan to buy a house is to spend money in the bank in advance to enjoy life.
Do not wait for money to buy a house on the house.
2. less input, greater harvest
Recently, the property market and then burst a big news, Beijing mortgage interest rates tightened again, the first suite of mortgage interest rates will be 1.1 times the benchmark interest rate. This means that the market for housing costs continue to rise, the purchase or investment demand is likely to continue to contain, if the latter radiation to other cities, the property market continued to cool down.
With the mortgage policy widens, the benchmark interest rate loans from 5.65% in the same period last year to 4.9%, so that the interest rate is also more and more low, especially the provident fund loans to buy a house not only low interest rates, but also can reduce the economic pressure in the provident fund account. If there is excess money can be used to invest money, from a policy point of view, the interest rate channel in the downlink, it can earn money with the bank in advance, also have their own house, Why not??
Is a bank loan to buy a house for most of the money you pay, so the bank to control credit risk, for mortgage review is relatively strict, the bank will house security inspection, house developers and housing structure safety, so bank loans to buy a house for you to review the details of the risk is smaller, more secure property.
Expert analysis, the recent emergence of the benchmark interest rate of mortgage loans in Beijing is the history of the most stringent policy, in addition to the purchase of capital costs continued to rise, has gradually completed the process from quantitative change to qualitative change, lending more and more pressure. There are industry insiders predict that the continued tightening of credit in the big cycle, the property market cooling will continue.
1. low interest rates, use bank money to invest, save money
“1 million and 20 years ago is astronomical, 20 years after a drizzle, owed to the bank, the longer the more profitable.”.”
3. loans to buy a house, the risk of small, secure
An investment expert said, the secret of investment is: no money, do not use any difficulty to invest money and savings, difficulties and pressure will only make you change, will let you push yourself do their best to earn money, to rob, to give birth to desperately.”
The fifth step is monthly fixed investment. Make investing a habit of yourself. Regardless of the amount of the investment, as long as the monthly fixed investment, enough to make you more than 2 / 3 or more people.
Rich people hide rain in the sales offices can easily buy two suites, no money people spent their lives to pay the down payment to buy a house. More and more people have their own house in order to advance to choose the loan to buy a house, the loan program has become the most controversial topic, loans to buy a house is worth? Some people say that housing loans will reduce the quality of life, in order to become a house slave, life is not worth; some people say that housing loans can rapidly increase prices and even if your house is to buy loans, but you have real! The loans sold to more advantages than disadvantages? Look at the loan to buy a house that you know and do not know the benefits of that!
If I have to stroke, found 20 years ago, 100 dollars is enough to eat for a month, now 100 dollars a day for a man. If you had paid 200 thousand of your house’s down payment last year at this time of the year, you should have slept and laughed, and you wouldn’t have seen this article in 1 million.
Property prices continue to increase regulation, purchase costs continue to improve
What is the truth of the society at that time?!
If the rent is higher than for the month, then count as real liabilities, if less than the rent for the month, for the assets, but the rent is not a few years for the month, but not much difference between, for this over, is actually a process from debt into assets.
According to the relevant statistics, this year, as of May, a total of 60 prefecture level cities and more than 30 districts and counties, the cumulative release of regulatory policies over 160 times. Now, showing the effect of regulation, according to the National Bureau of statistics data released in April this year, the national 70 large and medium-sized city, the real “high fever” of a second tier city, rose was cooling, the basic back to less than 1%; while Shanghai and Hefei led the early city, housing prices even lower than the ring.
If you can turn around, you will find an indisputable fact that the poor are eager to put all their money in the bank; the rich are eager to lend money to the bank! The rich are focused on how much cash they have in their hands…… You see, the rich people on the street, many are ten million assets, liabilities ten million, but people rolling loans, cash flow in hand, you can do a lot of things…… There is a small series of relatives to open factories, tens of millions of assets, home A8, Touareg, there is a public tool shopping cart, and then a little while ago to buy a Audi Q3 less than 300 thousand more loans, I asked why, he laughed, too lazy to explain to me why……
The sixth step, persistence is victory. According to the survey, 3 / 4 of millionaires buy a stock for at least 5 years, and nearly 40% of millionaires buy a stock for at least 8 years. Stocks buy and sell capital frequently, not only risk, but also have to pay high capital tax, transaction fees, brokerage commission, etc., “the number of transactions will not make you rich, but will make agents rich.”.”
The first step is to start investing now. He said in the book, in the United States, more than 60% of the people, even the first step of millionaires have not yet taken. Everyone has a bunch of reasons for taking the first step, but these are all just excuses. Some might say, “there is no time to invest.”.” Carlson said, “why don’t you cut back on watching TV and spend your money on learning how to invest?””
So, I bought a suite in different second tier cities, all year round, round Ju
So, if you have 1 million hands, one would choose all the money to buy the house, you say ah nouveau riche say, secretly silly, someone will take part in the 1 million as a down payment, and other money to loan industry, because industry loan interest rates than housing loans is high after all many.
For example, if the purchase of loans was 1 million, the first mortgage interest rate will be the implementation of the 15% off preferential policies, 30 years dated for about 4872.68 yuan; when the implementation of the benchmark interest rate, to 5307.27 yuan for the month; when the implementation of the minimum 1.1 times the benchmark interest rate, to 5609.07 yuan for the month, but now the policy is the longest the loan period is 25 years, for the month will be 6075.36 yuan. Therefore, after the new policy, the purchase of the first purchase of property buyers to more than 300 yuan per month. However, on the Beijing housing prices, I am afraid that the growth rate for the month is far more than 300 yuan.
This is the total price of the house is less investment, is relative to buy a house down payment, as long as pay a down payment, the remaining information ready to go directly to the bank to borrow on the line, as long as each month to have a stable income have repayment ability, the bank will lend to you, so you have a house!
Why is the more money, the more loans to buy a house?
Housing loans are usually for 20 years, 30 years, with 20 years as an example, there is a rule that is almost can not be ignored: money is the devaluation of the. The actual inflation rate in the past 10 years or so has probably been around 8%. What do you mean? Is now 1 million, next year, in fact, only worth 920 thousand, as long as the money does not move, a year will evaporate about 80 thousand yuan.
Another name for debt is leverage
The seventh step is to make use of the tax bureau as an investment partner. The tax bureau and disgust is not constructive thinking, and we should take the tax bureau as their investment partner, pay attention to the new tax provisions, make good use of Tax finance and investment tools to enable the Commissioner to be your assistant to get rich.
Life is like a snowball, with guts, your snowball can get bigger and bigger.
How much will there be in 1 million and 20 years?
Someone said the mortgage debt with profound respect and humility, a rich man can think this is called leverage. So never fear debt and don’t be afraid of lending.
These four points are not enough to explain how a wise choice is to buy a house You know, in today’s society, loans to buy a house is not only a way to enjoy life, but also a small investment Oh ~!
The eighth step is to limit financial risk. Most millionaires live a very boring life. They don’t like changing jobs, marriage only, not having a bunch of children, they don’t usually move, they don’t have much accidents or fresh, and stability is their common characteristic.
On the contrary, no house no car no loan friend C told me that his monthly income of 1W, the quality of life is very good, but the Z monthly income of around 5000, but in the millions of loans to buy a house, drive to work every day, but every time contrast, feeling can not always feel Z. What was missing.

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