What banks are there in the enterprise credit loan?

4. Other information requested by the bank.
According to Xiao Bian understand, each bank has enterprise credit loan. Such as China Merchants Bank “this”, “construction bank credit loan, Everbright Bank has business loans, Minsheng Bank” Small and micro businesses credit “,” Standard Chartered Bank unsecured enterprise “,” small proprietor of Wing Hang Bank, Ping An Bank “Small and micro businesses unsecured loans” a confident, Guangdong Development Bank loan, Xiamen International Bank “trade financing loan, Chengdu rural commercial credit enterprise””……
2, enterprise business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, operating lease contract, the company’s articles of association, nearly half a year audit reports or financial statements, nearly 6 months of bank flow;
First, the enterprise customer credit rating at least AA- (above) level, through the state-owned commercial banks provincial branch approval, you can issue a credit loan;
Enterprise credit data:
Two is the operating income accounting, the total profit of nearly three years of continuous growth, asset liability ratio control in the good value range of 60%, cash flow is sufficient and stable;
The three is that the enterprise promises not to set up a pledge (or pledge) to others or to provide external guarantee for the effective operation of the assets, or to obtain the consent of the loan bank before the settlement of the pledge and the external guarantee;
Enterprise loans refer to a kind of loan method for enterprises and banks or other financial institutions according to the prescribed interest rate and time limit for the purpose of production and operation. Enterprise loans are mainly used for fixed assets purchase and construction, technical transformation and other large long-term investment. Then, what banks are there in the enterprise credit loan?
Enterprise credit terms:
Four is the enterprise management standard, no debts and debt bad credit record.
3, loan purposes proved;
What banks are there in the enterprise credit loan?
1, the borrower’s legal and valid identity documents, household registration certificate, marital status certificate, residence certificate and so on;

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