Can I pay for a down payment by borrowing a credit card?

Methods the amount of credit card holders in addition to offer financial proof for outside, if often use credit cards for large amount of consumption, is also helpful, but it said “big spending” must be in the normal consumer credit card, a credit card to pay the down payment is not in the “normal consumption”. The issuer may doubt you in cash, so then the amount raised will be blocked.
When a credit card score is accumulated to a certain amount, the corresponding commodity or service can be exchanged, but the first payment by credit card can not be accumulated, because such behavior does not belong to the normal credit card consumption.
Use a credit card to pay a Shoufu, if midway canceled, so the money return time is very long, the money will be paid if the cardholder credit card is not in the final repayment date, personal credit will remain tainted.
3. can not apply for staging
Even if the credit card payment can buy the first payment, but the money can not apply for instalment, so if Car Buying down payment required a large amount, may cause the pressure to a certain extent, is likely to generate overdue.
When the loan to buy a car, Car Buying who must be prepared for a certain amount of the first payment, many people in the bank, but there are also people who think to pay to pay by credit card, but is it possible? To pay by credit card payment vehicles are there any drawbacks? Xiaobian remind you to pay attention to the following points:
2. cannot accumulate points
4. refund time is longer
1. credit card sales will be limited
The above is the use of credit cards to pay down payment of the disadvantages of the car, I hope everyone will contact themselves later, carefully consider whether to pay down payment with credit card Oh ~!

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