With a student card, the lending motive is profit making

College students “powder”, “Qi loan to buy Apple three piece”
“Campus loans is usually divided into three kinds: one is specifically for staging shopping platform for students, such as, any fun staging stage and also provide some low level of cash withdrawals; two is the P2P platform for student loans, and business, such as investment, investment, loans and other schools; three is Ali, Jingdong Taobao, the traditional electronic business platform to provide credit services.
A Liang used 2 times “campus loan”, once with “Jingdong ious” bought a more than 3000 yuan of mobile phones, and another with “ant flower Bai” bought more than 900 yuan of aerial camera batteries and shoulder straps. “My parents think it’s OK to buy a 1000 yuan cell phone. There’s no need to buy that expensive one.” A Liang bluntly, he saw the mobile phone 3000 yuan, parents do not agree, he used the “campus goods” to buy, 6 payments, the monthly repayment five hundred or six hundred yuan monthly, parents for living expenses is 1000 yuan, the loan for half a year, living expenses, flowers, “the students couldn’t attend AA dinner. No matter what you see, you have to grit your teeth and stick to it.”
6 boys dormitory, staff and a computer, other people are basically five thousand or six thousand yuan Lenovo and HUAWEI notebook computer, rather spend 10 thousand yuan to buy the apple computer especially conspicuous. IPhone, iPad and MacBook collectively known as “Apple three sets”, as an ordinary college student, Ning bought the “three sets”, spent more than 20 thousand yuan. In the eyes of the students, rather “electronic products.” “always stay in the dormitory to play games”. The high profile of apple computer make anin play games more handy. When I first entered the University, rather only an apple 5S mobile phone, the second semester, he bought myself apple computer. Every time Apple Corp releases a new cell phone, he follows closely, sells his old cell phone, adds two thousand or three thousand yuan for a new cell phone, from Apple 6 to 6S, and then to Apple 7. 4 years down, rather changed 4 mobile phone. Parents do not support, rather with the “campus loan”, in the electronic business platform installment loans. Now, near graduation, he still owes more than 20 thousand yuan in principal and interest.
College students excessive consumption is not an example, a pair of sunglasses on 1000 yuan, a bag of more than 2000 yuan…… Reporter survey found that parents basically do not support their children, regardless of the actual high consumption, the cost of living for 600 yuan per month, ranging from -1000 yuan. So how do these college students pay for their high consumption? Behind this, the campus is popular in the various stages of lending electronic business platform.
Parents do not support, he bought a mobile phone payment
In the university campus, student dormitories are lined with staging advertisements for all kinds of shopping platforms, with low handling fees, first interest free interest, and interest free interest. These words can stimulate people’s desire to buy. Reporters randomly visited two student dormitories, 12 of the 5 students interviewed had used “campus loans”, for the purchase of electronic products, cosmetics, clothes, thousands of dollars of sunglasses and thousands of dollars of brand-name satchel.
Is the school to write graduation thesis rather from an ordinary family, the parents are working, studying in Yulin Normal University for 4 years, he like most students, monthly living expenses 1000 yuan, but a few years in the electronic products on the money, but also more than the cost of living.

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