Strategies and techniques for financing small and micro enterprises

Small and micro enterprises in order to obtain operating and working capital, it is necessary to have better strategies and skills, we must find ways to bypass the past in banks and other financial institutions to apply for financing encountered a variety of fetters. Review of traditional financial institutions for credit enterprise general inspection of the assets and liabilities of the “hard information”, in order to study the enterprise or business owners’ assets and bank credit, financial statements, tax situation, and these are also the weak link of the widespread Small and micro businesses credit and information, can not be avoided in financing review the conditions at a disadvantage. Comparatively speaking, the advantage of small and micro enterprises is “soft information”, that is, continuous and steady operation, the real availability of transaction data and the ability to create cash. If you can avoid weaknesses, play and use small and micro enterprises “soft information” advantage, perhaps for small and micro enterprises financing another way.
Including Small and micro businesses loans required application materials: business license, tax registration certificate, the last three months of public water, and reflect the business of personal bank water, office space rental contract or certificate of real estate property, special business license; joint-stock enterprises also need to provide more than 2/3 shareholders agreed to loan resolution the. In addition, the legal representative should also provide identity cards, address proof materials, and residence certificates for the first half of the year.
Small and micro enterprises are an important part of the national economy, but the problems of enterprise loans and financing restrict their healthy development. If you can master the strategy and skills of small and micro enterprises loan financing, in fact, this problem is not too difficult to solve.
Capital is an important pillar for the survival and development of an enterprise. Capital and human blood are very similar in importance, pathogenesis, and problem solving, so capital is essential to an enterprise.

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