Changzhou provident fund loan down payment ratio from 20% to 30%

In March 28th, the Changzhou housing provident fund website policy: Changzhou city housing provident fund borrowers first use of housing provident fund loans (including the revolution complement interest loans repaid), the purchase of owner occupied housing to improve the living conditions of the second loans, the minimum down payment ratio from 20% to 30%.

enterprise mortgage loans?

What are the requirements for
2., independent economic accounting, independent management, self financing, with the ability to pay interest on time;
There are several basic conditions for an enterprise to be:
1. shall be approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce to be established, registered, and have a business license;
4., abide by the law and discipl

what’s the interest rate on home mortgages? How to calculate?

Interest rates are 4.75% to five years (including five years);
At present, the benchmark interest rate for banks is:
Under one year (including one year), the interest rate is 4.35%;
Need to remind you is, for housing mortgage loans, borrowers of housing must be consistent with the bank mortgage requirements, if the borrower did not meet the housing bank mortgage is not able to ha

how does the car mortgage

2, the applicant for home visits, surveys and estimates of vehicle value;
Management process:
1. The loan institution receives the information provided by the applicant;
4, handle the notarization and notarization of the loan;
3, loan institutions initial loan amount;
How can I borrow a car mortgage?
5, the applicant lending institutions custody related

How do you choose a loan that suits you?!

3 select lending institutions
4 making repayment plans
Financial Services Company on the market each big loan institutions are more familiar with, understand the requirements of various lending institutions, so you can choose the appropriate loan products according to the actual situation of borrowers.
Bank mortgage lending speed between 15 days -30 days, each bank is different.<